Taking things into your own hands!

Mindless meetings! Required attendance! No relevance! Take professional learning into your own hands.


Do you have a vision for your professional learning?

I know I sure do! I’m on a quest. Not only do I want to become better at my craft, but I want to inspire and encourage others to be their best as well.

My dream is to teach teachers, to teach leaders, to teach people who want to grow! Most teachers these days love teaching for the fact they get to see those ‘aha’ moments in their students eyes.


I get that same joy, in my heart, when I am able to help a teacher experience that same type of learning. It’s great to get opportunities to help a teacher learn a new concept or show them how to use a new ed. tech. tool. When their eyes light up, it’s amazing!

What made me this way?

As I think back to when I was in school I remember the teachers that I had.

  • Mrs. Cunningham
  • Mr. Hart
  • Mr. Jones
  • Miss Behrens
  • Mr. Swift
  • Coach Shaw
  • Mrs. Walsworth

and many more.

Whenever I would learn a new concept, a new Spanish word, or learn how to develop a picture in the darkroom, or run a faster time in the mile, my teacher’s faces would beam. I want to give that same joy to teachers.

Research has shown that teachers need continuous learning opportunities to stay on the cutting edge of education in order to keep our students learning at the same pace as the rest of the world.

As teachers we should be a learning, growing, and developing each and every day.

We need to be setting the example for our students. If we expect them to learn new, difficult content, then we should be as well.

My goal

My dream, is to resource, mentor, provide staff development at schools, lead workshops, and be a keynote speaker.

I have an unusually tough vision to reach though. I don’t want to necessarily reach those who are already on the right track. Those people who are already in their own personal learning that works(PLN’s). If they want to learn from me thought I won’t deny them.

I want to reach those who think they “know it all” already. Or those who don’t realize what they’re doing just isn’t as good as it could be.

I don’t have these goals to make myself look good. I just want to reach the hard to reach teachers and help them grow and get better. I know from experience that someone has to be out there to help those teachers.

I was once a teacher who thought I was doing all the right things. I thought I was the best physical education teacher in the world. I thought too highly of myself.


Then I found this awesome little thing called Twitter and saw that there are thousands of teachers just rockin’ it in the education world and kicking my butt!

Since my goal is to make teachers better, I have to share what made my professional growth journey take off and lead me in the direction I am in now.

The most influential thing in my life as a teacher has been my Personal Learning Network (PLN).


This is the beginning of a series. “How to Develop your PLN”.

You’re going to learn the importance of your Twitter account. Then explore it’s big brother Voxer. Next I’ll talk about how to find quality blogs to read and podcasts to listen to.

So we don’t get overwhelmed, we will take this step-by-step, inch by inch, and make it as painless as possible.

After we discover how to develop our PLN we will apply those principles to our learning and growth and put them into action so you can become the best teacher that you can be.

I dare you to come on this trek with me. If you know someone who might benefit from this please pass it along.

What do you do for your own professional development? Why did you choose your path?

Remember: Physical Education – Where Mind and Body Come Together!