How to Embed Video from Drive to Slides

Problems, problems, problems…

I was in the middle of making our next video in the Physed 101 series, but I had an urgent need come up.

I assigned my students a project where they have to make a video and put the video into Google Drive then embed that video into Google Slides. Slight problem though. They don’t know how.

That’s the reason for switching things up this week. I promise I will finish our Physed 101 series.

I’ve needed help before and my students do now, but I also thought to myself if my students don’t know this, maybe you or your students don’t know how to do this either. So, it’s a win-win. Extra content for you and a learning tool for my students and hopefully yours.

Learning how to do this is great if you are planning a presentation and need video in the slide show or you are having your students create presentations themselves. This is also a great way to bypass YouTube since most schools filter it from the students anyway.

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