Teacher or Leader?

Which one are you?



Picture by: Carol S. Dweck

Typical Social Media Savvy Educator:                     Growth Mind-Set

Typical Non-Social Media Savvy Educator:           Fixed Mind-Set

What I see

I see people on social media all the time talking about blogs they’ve read, articles they’ve written, podcast they’ve listened to, and conferences they’ve attended. All of this is great! I wonder how people go about growing their departments or is it all about self growth? I know I do everything I can to be a better teacher and give my students the education they deserve. 

I think everyone on social media is a lot like me. We want to be better! 

My question is this, “Is it all about us”? 

After we grow to a certain level, should our responsibility be to grow and develop the people in our department? Do we simply let them flounder around? I believe that as we learn and grow we need to not only become better teachers we need to become leaders.


Leaders are influencers!

We need to lead our departments by example. We need to suggest the blogs, podcast, articles, and conferences that we use to grow, to our colleagues.

I know we can’t change people, we can only change ourselves. I also know we cannot stand idly by and let students get ripped off. We need to move beyond teacher to leader.

Leaders do more than just make themselves better they make the people around them better. What are you doing to make the people around you better? All of us on social media are leaders! We are out front doing things that the everyday educator isn’t doing. 


Something that I like to do and it seems to be effective for me, maybe it’s my personality, is to ask questions. If I see a colleague do something I will ask them about it. Then I might ask them if they have tried it this way before instead and give them a little hint of how I do it. It’s called being collegial. Finally,  I go back and complement what they are doing if a compliment is deserved. Most of the time I can find a little something right in everything. 

People don’t want to be looked down upon. They want to know what they are doing is impacting lives as well. Of course there’s always going to be those extreme cases where people are happy doing what they’ve always done. Most people I know, I bet most people you know, want to have their life matter. Most people get into education for that reason alone. They want to be influencers.

What’s another name for influencer? LEADER!!

As the quote by John Maxwell goes, “People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care”.

Show the people in your department and school that you care about them. Become friends. Speak into their lives. Let them speak into yours!


1. Go beyond teacher to leader. 

2. Lead by example.

3. Never give up.

4. Give compliments.

5. Advocate for students.

What do you think? Am I right? Comment below. Share if you think I have a point.

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